Twalcom – One Heart, Two Cylinders

Hi Guys (and Girls)!

While trolling the web last night, looking for some escape from work, I came across the most awesome looking F800gs I’ve ever seen. The bike has been prepped by a company named TwinGroup, who manufacture motorcycle parts under the name of Twalcom.

Picture 2 1

Twin Group is a company grown out of the city of Ferrara, Northern Italy, where the passion for motors is deeply engrained. They have used their passion for mechanics and speed to produce high quality race proven products in which attention to details reveals the excellence of manufacture.

From what I can see, they currently only making parts for the BMW F800gs, but I’m sure they have products to cater for other bikes in their Catalog.

Picture 5 1

Left: Extended Screen Right: Sump Protection

Just thought I’d share an alternative to Touratech with you.

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