The First of Many

The other night at my friends house, a bunch of us began reflecting on our lives, and decided that time is on our side and that the only way our dreams will come true will be by grabbing life in both hands and making things happen. Yes; deep, I know, but so be it.

Typical Transkei Beach

Most of us are still university students and readers may think that we have all the time in the world, but in reality we are in our final years and are beginning to truely understand how valuable “free time” is.

That night we decided to do a trip together, and decided to tackle the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape. The goal of the trip is first and foremost to have a good time and secondly, to see more of our beautiful county. It will also act as an oppotunity for me to experiment with a few ideas around leading others in tours within that region.

Transkei River Crossing

We plan to leave on the 4th of April and return on the 13th. The route will take us along similar tacks to those that my dad and I traversed earlier this year. This time however we’ll be on enduro bikes, we will be followed by a 4×4 with higher ground clearance and the water level at the crossings should be lower. This will allow us to take some of the more rough but scenic routes.

Apart from planning the route and spares needed for the bikes, I’ll be responsible for getting the other two riders up to scratch in the riding skills department. They both good riders but are still new to the enduro scene, so I hope that I can share some of the things I’ve learnt to make the trip more enjoyable and safe.

Not for the faint hearted

I must mention, the route will not be for the faint hearted!

We all meeting this Saturday for the 1st practice sessions. I’ll keep you posted.

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