Dakar 2013 – Time for farewell

As the departure day draws near both Gus and Meyer have organized farewell drinks. Meyer had his at is home over a small barbecue while Gus invited friends and family to the Rose Bar at the Alphen Hotel.

A small group of family and friends turned up at the Rose Bar to wish us riders well on our journey. It turned out to be a lovely warm summer evening under the oak trees of Alphen and was a good opportunity for socializing before heading off. The bar was a hive of activity with good music playing in the background as the guests took time to share stories and to catch up. While I am sure that we will find equally fine bars in BA or Santiago the language and company won’t be the same. I’m not quite sure what we’ll find along the way though, as we plan to travel through some very small towns and some rural countryside – but that’s all part of the adventure.

Among the guests were Ollie and Herman. Both had completed the previous Cape to Cairo trip. Ollie had hoped to join us in South America but circumstances had prevented that from happening while Herman had only recently returned from his own great adventure covering both North and South America. Herman and his son had started their travels in Anchorage Alaska and ended up immediately experiencing the heaviest summer rainfall that northern Canada had experienced in years with rods being washed away in all directions. They then took a meandering route down to Ushuaia in Argentina (the southern most tip of South America). The 5 month long trip on BMW 800 GS bikes had been a real adventure for them and included Las Vegas, Galapagos and Hawaii. Please see their blog at Steyns Travel for more details.

The evening ended fairly early and we all went home for final packing. The start tomorrow morning will be bright and early with Meyer rallying the troops to be at the import by 4:45 am.



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