Dakar 2013 – Day 1

After arriving in BA we headed into the hotel. It was in a pretty crummy area but was quite adequate for our needs. It is quite amazing to see the vastly diffierent manner in which homes are kept in BA. Our hotel building was in good shape and appear to have been painted within the last few years. Immendiately next door to it was a building that was largely unkept and appeared to have last been painted before the new millenium. A few doors down was yet another example of a well kept building. A real city of conrtasts.

After a shower and change if clothing it was time to head down to the river side for a cold beer.


The area was a sort of promenade with people taking strolls or jogging along the river. Others would take their kids for an ice cream, have a snack or simply just sit on ane of teh many benches to enhjoy the passers by. All very civilized and “tranquilo”.


After walking for just a few minutes we bumped into Neil´s brother Andrew who happened to be vistiing BA after a short stint in the Arctic Circle. He joined us for a beer at one of the many restaurants and shared some great tips with us. For example, one should attempt to exchange US dollars for Peso´s at a street money changer as the rates are significantly better than the official rates quoted by the banks. He also gave us advice on where to eat and suggested a place to stay in Cordoba. It was good to meet him and to have access to so much local knowledge.


Next stop was “Le Grille” for dinner as we all wanted to try out those famous Argentinian steaks. So it was steaks all round and a lovely bottle of red wine to complement the meal. The steaks were great (but perhaps not outstanding) as was the wine. Imagine our surprise when we learned that the wine was not quite the good value that we thought it was. Unfortunately Gus had read the glass price as the bottle price – and no price per bottle was quoted. No wonder the waiter would never let us empty a glass! Lesson learned.

A short walk along the promeade to help the meal settle and then it was time to head back to teh hotel for a good sleep. The serious work would begin tomorrow.


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