Dakar 2013 – Day 6

Apologies to those who follow our progress but due to the loss of communications at times we choose to upload pictures first. Text and commentary are added later as we have time and access to wi-fi.

Cordoba 14 January 2013
After a great nights sleep our target today is to get Meyers bike repaired to end the intermittent stalling. After that we hope to connect with the caravan following the Dakar

The day dawned grey and overcast but this turned to light rain by 9am. Gus was not feeling too well and so decided to spend the day at the hotel recuperating. We headed for a fuel stop and filled the bikes and then set our GPS units for Villa Carlos Paz where Stage 8 of thenDakar was due to end.

Once in Villa Carlos Paz we had to figure out where the end of the special stage was. This proved to be quite a challenge with very few people seemingly in the know.


Trying to figure it out ourselves.

Stopping to ask direction at a local fuel station caused quite a consternation as the local spectators thought we were somehow involved in the rally. We were asked to pose for pictures and even asked for our autographs! The local people were all very positive and friendly and the whole experience was great.


At the fuel stop we met up with Daniel and Carlos. The had only met a few minutes earlier but were two great guys. Daniel is originally from Argentina and is currently living on the US while Carlos was over from Chile to watch the race. Daniels fluent English was a real help while Carlos’ local knowledge of the San Francisco pass near Lugano Verde helped us plan that leg of the trip. We may well ride with the two of them from Cordoba to Chile.


The earlier rain had given way to mostly sunny skies. The air was heavy and muggy and the sun was quickly burning off the remaining clouds. The heat started to build and it wasn’t long before we approached 30 degrees C once again. After a much needed cold soft drink the six of us mounted our bikes to head towards the finish of the days liaison stage. Once again the locals asked us to pose for photos or to ask where we were from. By now there must have been thirty or forty people around us. Apart from doing our egos good it was all good fun.

After a short wait the first competitors and service crews started arriving. There was a real air of excitement and fun as the vehicles sounded their hooters while the crowd clapped and cheered them in. What a great experience.


From 2pm till almost 7:30pm we waited under the trees of the avenue running to the lake as the competitors arrived to the loud cheers of he rapidly growing crowds. There was lots of energy and positive Latin emotion making the arriving competitors welcome.





< a href="http://gsfreerider.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/20130114-235519.jpg">20130114-235519.jpg

Carlos being interviewed by local TV.







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