Dakar 2013 – Day 10

La Serena to Los Vilos – 18 January 2013

Neil and Mike had met one of the rally organizers the previous day and had managed to obtain the exact coordinates of the special stage for today. As a result they had decided to go back to the bivouac on the northern side of the city to watch the passing of the rally.

Gus wasn’t keen and so it was decided that Daniel, Gus and I would continue on down to Los Vilos. So, as the three of them set off heading north, the three of us planned to head south. Gus, having missed breakfast was still hungry and so went back into the hotel to order something to eat. Around 30 minutes later the three of us took off, heading south.

It was a slow comfortable pace and another pleasant and moderate day. A one point we stopped at one of the many roadside vendors. They sell soft drinks, cheese, bread, salami and fresh fruit at their permanent stalls situated on the shoulder of a dual carriage freeway. One has to take a little care when pulling over or when other do so as the speed differential can be great. After a drink JD some photos we were on the road again.

Around a 100 km before Los Vilos we came upon a wind farm where exceptionally tall wind turbines had been installed to make use of the wind in generating electricity. The clear skies immediately clouded over and the headwind picked up significantly. In just one kilometer the temperature dropped from 28 degC to 19 degC. We were also a lot closer to the coast now than we had been for some time.

It was really chilly and we even had a light sprinkling of rain as we travelled on towards our next stop. Around 20 km before Los Vilos I spotted a camp site right on the beach. We pulled in and enquired as to space. Gus was very keen to camp again and so we decided that his would be home for the night. With the bikes offloaded Gus and Daniel headed into Los Vilos for provisions and I set up my tent. Shortly after they returned we had word from the others. Meyers bike was still giving trouble and they were slowly making their way to the campsite. They arrived just before sundown and Gus immediately started making a fire as the others set up their tents.

It wasn’t long before we were ll enjoying a cold beer in front of a blazing fire. Daniel was becoming more vocal and amused us with stories of his travels. Gus had steak on the fire and we all enjoyed ambience of the fire, the sounds of the waves nearby and a moderate temperature for the evening.

Most of us turned in around 11 pm but Mike and Gus were enjoying themselves and chatted by the fire until the early hours of the morning.

It was a great campsite and we all slept really well.











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