Dakar 2013 – updates and comments

What we have found on this trip is that communications can be a challenge. While many places offer wi-fi it is often too slow to use as a means of staying up to date on the blog. Roaming data charges from Vodacom are too high and local cell companies have data packages but are very slow. Also, signals in remote areas are flaky and fluently don’t include data. As a result we have had to rely on hotels or coffee shops.

So, if we are a little behind in the news or are not responding to comments, please be patient. We will do our best to update these as soon as we can.

2 thoughts on “Dakar 2013 – updates and comments

  1. Lonn I read blog it was really nice to see and read the trip you did! It’s nice too see people who likes our country enjoying it!! Saludos desde Argentina. Agustin

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