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Why GS FreeRider?

Riding a motorcycle evokes a sense of freedom, a sense of connectedness, a sense of exhilaration – just being alive!

No other mode of transportation quite compares to it. In a car or a train one is merely a spectator, viewing the passing environment as an uninvolved observer. On a motorcycle one becomes a particpant. The smell of the fields or newly cut grass, the damp from the morning dew or afternoon shower, the cold of the morning or the heat of mid day – all of these may be experienced in a single trip.

This site is dedicated to the enjoyment and freedom of motrcycle riding. Whether you choice is cross country (“Gelände” in German) or winding back roads (“Strasse” in German), each journey is a new adventure just waiting for you you.

If this is your kind of thrill, join us in sharing the experiences and pleasures our world has to offer by participating on this site and by inviting others along for the ride.